Energy Meters DIN Rail 115VAC Analogue output 0-10VDC 1-phase AC CT/VT Dual RS485 serial communication port
Energy analyzer DIN-rail and Panel 18 to 60V AC/DC Analogue output 4-20mA 3-phase AC Direct Dupline
MID Energy analyzer Panel 230VAC Analogue output 0-20mA DC Etherenet
MID Energy meters 24VAC Analogue output 10VDC N/A M-bus
Multi Function Meters 38 to 265VAC/DC Analogue output 20mA None
Power Analyzers 40 to 150 VDC DC output (Open Collector) Profibus
Transducers 48VAC DC/AC output (Opto Mosfet) RS232
65 to 400 V AC Digital Input RS485
9 to 32 VDC Dual static output (opto-mosfet) and serial port
90 to 260V AC/DC None
Self power supply Relay output