Accessories 1 1/2" pipe thread iso 228/1G 1 Electrode 6m UV Resistant PVC Cable Relay DPDT Metal
Sensor 1" pipe thread iso 228/1G 1 to 3 Electrodes Cable Relay SPDT NORYL
System 1-DIN 1 to 5 Electrodes M4 Relay SPST Nylon 6
1/2" pipe thread iso 228/1G 2 Electrodes Plug and socket PA66
2-DIN 3 Electrodes Terminals Plastic
3/4" pipe thread iso 228/1G 4 Electrodes Terminals, M20 Polycarbonate
Rectangular Emptying Terminals, PG13
Ø18 Filling Terminals, PG9
Ø19 Filling and Emptying
Ø22 Filling or Emptying
Ø32 charge or discarge